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The Schueco ASE60 is a modular design, with fantastic thermal insulation.


Schueco Sliding and Lift-and-Slide System ASE 60

Boasting fantastic thermal insulation, the Schueco ASE 60 sliding and lift-and-slide system is a slimline, scaleable solution excelling in comfort and design.

Additional options may be configured with the ASE60 sliding door (including the Schüco SmartStop and Schüco SmartClose security and comfort support systems), making it extremely modular and versatile for any project,

Sliding Door Fabrication Benefits

  • Nearly identical fabrication of system basic depths allows project-specific selections without a loss of efficiency
  • The use of a single fittings platform for sliding and lift-and-slide applications reduces complexity and storage
  • Multifunctional components and prefabricated construction parts reduce fabrication time and increase process reliability
  • Vent fabrication without rolling: the split insulating bar both reduces the bi-metallic effect and meets RC 2 requirements
  • A wide variety of opening types offers solutions for virtually any application
  • Screw-type corner cleats provide quiet and reversible fabrication
  • Continuous vent slider profile ensures reliable installation of the vent in the outer frame

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  • System basic depth: 60 mm
  • Max. vent width: 3500 mm
  • Max. vent height: 3500 mm
  • Max. vent weight: 500 kg
  • Min. face width: 40 mm
  • Max. glass/panel thickness 40 mm
  • Uf value of frame (≥) 1.8 W/(m²·K)
  • Uw value of window (≥) 1.1 W/(m²·K)
  • Burglar resistance Up to RC2
  • Max. sound reduction Rwp 41 dB(A)

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